Custom Bulletin Board Classic Theme
The "Classic" Theme Custom Bulletin Board SSX Theme
The "SSX" Theme

Custom phpBB Themes - "Classic" and "SSX"

Concept: Create a identity for the community bulletin board at

Process: XHTML, CSS, Javascript

Description:: The community at Merqury City (called the "Gravitude Bar") is based on a snowboard video game called Snowboard Super Cross. It needed a graphic identity to separate it from the vast majority of "vanilla" phpBB installations. Creating a custom phpBB theme to brand the community was done by establishing a "cool" color scheme of mostly blues and blacks to convey the sense of wintertime, coupled with custom icons and graphics to reinforce the motif.

The "SSX" theme, named after the first game in the video game series, has a similar feeling, but is really tailored to hardcore fans of the series. The look and feel of the theme has many small features from the game itself that fans will recognize, and is generally considered to be the favorite among the "hardcore" at

The Gravitude Bar, named after a feature from the game series, is over 5 years old and now has over 2000 members.

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