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SSX On Tour Section - the SSX Fan Site

Concept: A comprehensive Web site for the snowboarding game series SSX (Snowboard Super Cross).

Process: XHTML, CSS, Javascript

Description:: Over the course of many years I have built into the premiere SSX fan site. The site includes a bulletin board, fan art section, knowledge base, and hundreds of movies, articles, and user submissions to create the foremost resource for SSX material on the Web. We currently have over 2000 members and have been in existence since 2001. The thumbnails show only a small section of the site.

For the index page, users can really make their own. Users could submit themes for inclusion into the site, and can select which theme they wish to change the index to using the dropdown menu on the lower right. When they return to the site their selection will remain chosen through cookies.

For the SSX Tricky section, the page was designed to highlight the fun atmosphere of the game and capture the vibrant nature of the characters. Users could view secrets of the game, download guides, and view movies of the different tracks.

The SSX On Tour portion of the site really accentuated the craziness of SSX On Tour, the fourth game in the series. Hand drawn art was featured on almost every page, and an intuitive system of dropdowns guided the viewer between all the content, which included FAQs, track guides, character pages, and other features.

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